Mwnci Studios (pronounced Monkey) is a purpose built residential recording studio set in stunning woodland grounds in the heart of West Wales. We specialise in live recording and mixing.

New Grand Piano - Grotrian Steinweg Concerto G-192  

Neve 1073's - Recording Studio

Custom built hybrid recording setup featuring x20 AML ez1073 (Neve) preamp EQ’s into x20 ez52F50 diode bridge compressors for unparalleled control and fidelity. The system was hand built in-house.

'Mwnci should be added to the list of great British residential recording studios.  If you can't make a good record here it won't be the studio that's at fault.  Excellent sounding live rooms, great monitoring and great mic preamps.  Location and accommodation are the cherries on the cake.  Highly recommended."

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Jimmy Robertson - Arctic Monkeys / Florence And The Machine

Hairball lola's - Recording Studio

"Our time at the studio was one of our absolute favorite tour memories"

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The Naked And Famous

Yamaha U1 - Recording Studio
EZ AM16's - Recording Studio

The Hub - Recording Studio
The Hub - Recording Studio
The Hub - Recording Studio

The Crocodile Room - Recording Studio
There are two large live rooms separated by soundproof windows with full line of sight. There is large 'dead' booth and a larger vocal booth and amp room, making a total of 4 degrees of separation. Perfect for live recording.

"Great place to record. The recording room sounds well balanced and has a great air to it. Not too live - not too dead!
Lovin the ATCs in the control room and nice analogue mic pre amps to get everything sounding sweet...
All in all a very rewarding experience. Great countryside to charge up the inspiration batteries."

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Peter Walsh - Stevie Wonder/Scott Walker

The Control Room - Recording Studio

We have a great selection of microphones from Neumann, Royer, MP, AKG, Sennheiser and many more.
Preamps from Neve, AML, Hairball.

"Absolutely loved working here, beautiful remote location, fantastic studio and engineer would 100% come back 👍🏽👍🏽." ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

Rosalee O'connell - Chicane/Young Guns

Gear List

x20 AML EZ1073 Neve-style preamp/eq's
x4 AML ez1081 Neve-style Preamps
x4 Hairball Lola preamps
x4 ezAM16 (Langevin 'capacitorless' preamps)
X2 Louder Than Liftoff Chop Shop EQ's
X2 AML EZP1A (Pultec) EQ's
XPatch 96 digitally controlled analogue patchy
XP-Relay 16x16 Digitally controlled analogue switcher
RME M-32 Pro AD/DA converters
x4 Radial re-amp RMP
x1 Smart Guitar DI re-amp
x1 Radial HDI
x4 Radial JDI passive DI
Protools Ultimate


Neumann U87Ai
MP V-251 Platinum Valve condenser (ELAM 251)
MP 12-251 valve condenser (ELAM 251)
2x MP V-U47 valve condensers (Neumann)
2x MP SDC-84 (Neumann)
1X MP SDC-84 snare
2X MP T12 (transformer coupled vintage AKG 414)
Neumann TLM103
2x Coles 4050 stereo ribbon
AEA KU5a Super cardio ribbon
2x Modded Rode NT1 (kU47 capsules)
x4 Shure beta 181 cardiod
x2 AKG C414B-XLS
x2 AKG C414B -ULS
x2 Sennheiser MD421
Royer Labs R121
Sure Beta 52
x4 Shure sm57
x2 Sure SM58
2x AKG C451B
4x AKG SE 300 B (CK91 capsules)
4x AKG C418 Clip on
2x AKG D112
Yamaha Subkick
Sennhieser E602 MK2


Yamaha u1 upright
Steinweg G-192 grand piano
Philicorda 706 electric organ
Honer Black Dot Double Ray Accordion
Church Harmonium (in tune!)


x2 Empirical Labs Distressors EL8 XS
x20 52F50 diode bridge compressors (Neve)
x1 Serpent Audio SB4001 Stereo compressor


quested VS1115b Sub
Yamaha NS10M’s (modded QUAD 405 -2 amp)
Topping DX7 Pro DAC
Topping D90 Preamp


Jeff Beck Fender Strat
Anniversary Fender Strat 96
Gibson EB2 bass. Single sidewinder (1963)
Hofner Senator Bass
Hoyer Electric Mandolin
Marlin Sidewinder Bass
Gibson SG 1968
Guild Starfire Semi Acoustic


Trace Elliot GP11 AH350X and matching 1818x cab
Marshall 100w Super Lead (Purple)
Marshall 20W lead and bass
Sola Sound 4x12 cabinet (greenbacks)
Burman 501 Combo
Vintage Sola Sound 4×12
2x Selmer Truvoice (1963)
Tanglewood Acoustic Combo
1912 Marshall cab


BOSS DM-101 Stereo Delay
BOSS RE-202 Space echo Delay

Tube Screamer TS9 Overdrive
Tech 21 Sansamp Bass Driver DI v2
JHS Crimson Fuzz
JHS Bender Fuzz
JHS Smiley Fuzz
JHS Supreme Fuzz
JHS 3 Series Compressor
JHS RatPack Distortion
JHS Muffuletta
JHS Artificial Blonde Tremelo
Fortin Zuul+ Noise Gate
Stone Deaf PDF-2 Distortion
Vox V847 Wha
Cry Baby Wha
Boss DD6 Delay
Boss BF2 Flanger
MXR Phase 90
Pro Co Rat
DOD Thrashmaster FX59
Copycat (old valve model)
Boss TR-2 Tremolo
TC Electronic Nether Octaver
Ebow Plus


6x Behringer Powerplay 16M personal mixer 
6x DT150
3x DT100


Mac Studio M1Max 64gb ram
Protools Ultimate
Steven Slate Complete
Slate Trigger2
Studio One
All the Fabfilter stuff
TH-U Overloud full

Numerous others..