Live room

Mwnci Studios (pronounced Monkey) is a purpose built residential recording studio found in the grounds of the beautiful Dolwilym estate in West Wales. The live room features exposed stone walls and a solid french oak floor.

Control room

The control room is large with plenty of natural light. Our main board is a TL Audio M4 24 channel valve desk.

Also featuring 6x AML EZ1073 Neve preamp/eq’s which faithfully reproduce the sound of one of the most sought after preamp’s in the world.

The live room sounds great and suits anything from rock drums to strings. The ‘dead’ end of the studio is also great for tracking drums and is separated from the main studio with bi-fold doors. There is also a vocal booth for a further degree of separation.

Monitors are ATC SCM Pro 150SL and a pair of Yamaha ns10’s

There a 4 stereo headphone mixes


We have a great slection of microphones from Neumann, Royer, Peluso, AKG, Sennheiser and many more.
Preamps from Neve, AML, TL Audio, Vortexion
Dynamics by Empirical Labs.

There’s a great selection of quirky vintage bits to add some colour to your creations including x2 Grampian 636 Spring Reberation units, all valve Copycat tape delay and two vortexion 1950’s valve mixers.

Our luxury log cabin on stilts sleeps 6. There is a large wooden veranda overlooking the Taf river valley. The cabin is fully equiped for self catering.

The studio is on the Dolwilym estate in West Wales on the carmarthenshire/pembrokeshire border.

Dolwilym is a rambling old gothic estate covered in forest. There are walks up to the Cromlech, an ancient megalithic monument dating back over 3000 years

Want to get out of the city? Work surrounded by amazing scenery with space to focus on your music. There’s plenty of room to spread out in the studio and grounds in a truly inspiring location.


TL Audio M4 24 channel valve mixing desk
x6 AML EZ1073 Neve preamp/eq’s
Vortexion 2M Pres
Vortexion MXR Type 3 Pres
x2 Grampian Spring Reberation unit 636
Apogee Symphony i/o 16×16 2×8
total of 26 inputs @ 24bit 96khz
Protools 12 HD
Motu 828x (headphones)
Alesis HD24 multitrack


Neumann U87Ai
Coles 4050 stereo ribbon
Neumann TLM103
2x Modded Rode NT1 (Neumann U47 capsule)
x4 Shure beta 181s
x2 AKG C414B-XLS
x2 AKG C414B -ULS
x2 Sennheiser MD421
Royer Labs R121
Sure Beta 52
x4 Shure sm57
x2 Sure SM58
2x AKG C451B
6x AKG SE 300 B (CK91 capsules)
4x AKG C418 Clip on
2x AKG D112
Yamaha Subkick
Sennhieser E602 MK2


Yamaha u1 upright
Philicorda 706 electric organ


Empirical Labs Distressors EL8 XS (linked pair)


quested VS1115b Sub
Yamaha NS10M’s (modded QUAD 405 -2 amp)


Jeff Beck Fender Strat
Anniversary Fender Strat 96
Gibson EB2 bass. Single sidewinder (1961)
Guild Starfire Semi Acoustic


Marshall 100w Super Lead (Purple)
Marshall 20W lead and bass
Vintage Sola Sound 4×12
1912 Marshall cab


Vox V847 Wha
Cry Baby Wha
Boss DD6 Delay
MXR Phase 90
Pro Co Rat
Copycat (old valve model)
Boss TR-2 Tremolo
Ebow plus


(4x stereo headphone mixes)
4x DT100
2x DT150


Mac Pro 6core 3.33ghz 32gb ram
Protools 12 HD
Steven Slate VBC
Slate Trigger 2
Massive Pack Pro 6
Soundtoys AAX v5 (complete)
All the Fabfilter stuff
Guitar Rig Pro 5
Slate Digital Trigger 2
NI Massive
Numerous others..